Connect, Transform & Heal 

As a life coach and restorative yoga educator, I specialize in helping professional women living in a chronic state of stress, feel stuck and ready to take back control of their goals and life with confidence and courage. 

You've been living in chronic stress and it feels like time stopped, your life as you know is over. An overwhelming sense of dread washes over you and your world is crashing down around you. Then you get into fight mode; no f*^king way am is this going to stop me.

You move through each day with the hope it will different but all your energies go towards  the career you worked hard to gain, there is nothing left in the tank for your social life, your relationship loses intimacy, your self image is negative and your friends are a distant memory. 

Every day you ask yourself there must be a better way.

Well my friend I'm here to tell you there is another way. I'm here to guide you to regain your life on your terms and keep kicking ass in your career all the while feeling amazing. 

I've been where you are and have found my way back. I am here to empower you to take back your life,to reignite your relationship and create deep self-love for yourself all the while feeling even better in your body.

Let's do this together and create the life you want! 

Reset, Realign & Rediscover

This is the coaching program I've designed to share with women like you. The pillars are to reset your current state, realign with your core values and rediscover the life you want to life. I blend my knowledge from years of education around mindfulness, restorative yoga to bring focus to your mindset, setting boundaries with compassion, create space to rest and release old paradigms that hold you back in ways you may not even realize. 

Finding the way to your authentic life and living with energy and intention is not always easy and sometimes you may lose your way. I've designed a coaching program that creates a  guide for you to release old belief patterns, gain access to the yearnings of your heart while releasing stress and creating spaciousness in your life.   

As a woman is your instinct to care for others first? Do your needs take the back burner? Do feel you need to do everything for everyone?

This is our conditioning. Does it make you feel like you're not even living your own life? 

Join me and rediscover the awesomeness that is you! 

Let's do this together and create the life you want! 

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I was so grateful for Misty's in-home, private, restorative yoga classes. I felt my body truly relax for the first time since my car accident. Not even massage therapy had been able to soothe me like that. I didn't have to leave my house, or negate my relaxation by having to drive home again. Misty's peaceful in-home classes were perfect for someone like me, recovering from pain and trauma. 


When I arrived for my Restorative teacher training, I was immediately present. was drawn in by the personal stories Misty told about her path to teaching and how yoga had changed her life.
She formed instant bonds with her students and made time for all of us to share as well.
The atmosphere of support and kindness was ever present with Misty’s style of teaching.
In addition, she provided clear instructions for practical work with lots of room for discussion periods to follow.
Misty’s guidance through my training has left a lasting effect and was a great personal experience for me


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Misty Lucas  - Going into this training I truly felt welcomed and accepted by Misty. Her kind and gentle connection with others is sensed immediately. What's unique about Misty's teachings is that I truly felt that she had the ability to guide me at the exact pace needed that allowed me to fully embrace her deep knowledge about restorative yoga, a knowledge that simply oozes out of her from every pore. I firmly believe that Misty shares her expertise with others with a true intent to ignite one's capacity to extend a state of calm and peacefulness from head to toe. I felt held in a safe space throughout the entire training. Bravo, Misty - you are a true gift.

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