It's Time to Bust A Move Away from Stress

Apr 17, 2022

It's time to identify our stressors and access Stress Busters to find ways to release and let go!

Do you notice a common response to the question: how are you? is “I’m so stressed out”

This response is common in today's society.

Some people may consider being stressed out as a badge of honour because our society celebrates being super busy and stressed out.

Over this past few years stress has become a mainstay in our lives as a result of the pandemic. This is because we've changed how we interact with each other and the world. Our sense of community is less accessible; therefore it difficult to feel supported and loved.

My love language is touch so this pandemic has stressed me out because personal touch is frowned upon.

It is difficult to navigate this world isolated and alone. We are not meant to be alone. We are meant to be in community and access support from those we love.

Stress is not new to our society it has been an issue for a very long time. It is can be created due to expectations we place upon ourselves in relation to possessions, popularity and recognition.

These unrealistic expectations are intensified by the social media and and media itself. We receive messages telling us that in order to be happy you need to have the bigger house, the bigger TV, the most money.

As I grow and learn I have found my identification with the stressors in life were important to begin to shift the stress.

Living in a chronic state of stress has us living in our sympathetic nervous system. Living in this state of stress creates dis-ease in our physical body. When we are in our fight or flight mode certain systems such as our digestion and immunity our weakened. Our bodies begin to show signs of dysfunction and a new layer of stress is created. We begin to move in a cyclical pattern and may become more stressed and more stressed.

It is important that we recognize when we’re in a state of stress and take the time to reduce our stress in the moment.

I’m excited to share 10 practical ways to bust your stress and give your mind and body a break.

1. Cuddle with a pet!

If you have a cat or a dog take a moment to get onto the floor or wherever they are and give them a cuddle. Maybe take them for a walk. It has been shown that having the presence of a pet is a great stress reliever. If you are a pet owner you may also notice your animal is fully aware when you are in a state of stress.

2. Nature!

Get into nature take a moment to get outside for a brisk walk in order to feel the wind or the breeze in your face and smell the leaves on the trees and hear the birds singing all around you. Even a short walk and moving the body activating your circulatory system getting away from the desk will instantaneously improve your mood and help you calm the stress.

3. Laugh!

I know for me when I am really stressed I will turn to my favourite sitcom and have a big belly laugh. I love to watch The Office and Michael Scott. If anything can make me giggle it's this show.

Find something to give yourself a great laugh. I had a student ones who shared that having a good laugh helped break her anxiety or nervousness. She would just break out into laughter and shared that with her yoga students before she began teaching a class.

Laughter is infectious and will help decrease stress levels and reduce stress causing hormones.

4. Cook!

Get yourself into the kitchen and cook or bake something. Take your mind off what you’re doing and create something to nourish your body. One caution when we go into  the kitchen is to be mindful that we’re not doing it as a stress eating tool. It is meant to go in to be creative and to create something that will nourish your body.

5. Have an orgasm!

When we have an orgasm our body releases the hormone oxytocin into the blood stream it’s known as the love hormone which can decrease stress. So maybe this means you jump into bed with your partner or maybe it means you do it on your own. Taking time to have an orgasm can be a great stress reliever.

6. Stop multitasking!

We put so many things on our plate to get done and try to do several things at once when really we’re not doing any one thing productively. Prioritize and make a list and focus on one task at a time. You will find that you will get through more things if you stay in the present moment on one task as opposed to trying to do five tasks at the same time.

7. Boundaries!

I cannot say enough about boundaries we need to remember that we cannot be everything for everyone. When we build a boundary we create an opportunity for us to nourish ourselves and not over stress. Building a boundary is not being selfish to somebody else it is about putting your self first to ensure that what you focus on can be done with intention and from your heart.

8. Breathe!

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed pause and notice for a moment; are you breathing through your mouth? Is your breath shallow and landing in your chest? Are you feeling like you’re hyperventilating?

This is the time for you to pause and take a nice long inhalation deep into your lungs and exhale through the mouth a nice deep cleansing breath allow yourself a moment to breathe move away from your desk stand up shake your legs shake your arms and take a few deep breaths. Breathing will help you come back in to a calmer mind as we are helping to oxygenate our blood

9. Music & dance!

Remember to dance like nobody’s watching. What is your favourite song? Throw it on your iPod throw it on your stereo whatever you need to do to get the body to move and uplift your mood. Music can be a wonderful stress reliever. Whether you are rocking out to your favourite song or just pausing to listen to nature sounds create the time in space for you to tune in to some music in order to decrease your stress.

10. Bath!

Take a moment and have a nice warm bath. If you’d like essential oil‘s pop a couple of drops of lavender into the tub. Sink into the bath and allow yourself to be soothed and surrounded by the beauty of the water. If a bath is not accessible jump into a nice warm shower. Allow the shower to roll from your head down to your toes as if it’s washing your stress away. As an added bonus drop a couple of eucalyptus essential oil drops at the bottom of your shower, pause and breath deeply to find relaxation.

Take a moment and try a stress buster.  I’d love to hear from you as to how it worked or if you complete the quiz I’d love to know what came up for you. 

Leave a comment or send me a note because I would like to know how stress busting works for you.

Much love & peace,



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